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"Doc" is a nickname and not a professional designation. Mike "Doc" Witort conducts Oxygen Incentive Living-Integrative Therapy (OIL-IT) seminars nationally. A favorite on radio talk shows, "Doc" exposes what he calls the "2nd biggest lie in the world: Fibromyalgia: No Cause, No Cure."

"Doc" treats and teaches others how to treat acute and chronic pain anywhere in the musculo-skeletal system. Examples include arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, sports injuries, severe headaches, and repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, "mouse arm", and tennis elbow.

His methods are disarmingly simple: he finds the dysfunctional fascia and muscles and pinpoints where to apply compression and active and passive stretching to "trigger point" areas of the body. "Doc" has developed Oil-It protocols nationally for industry healthcare and sports.

Mike Witort resides in suburban Chicago.

"Doc" Mike's Cellular Matrix Study of Organic Sulfur:
Contact "Doc" at 708-488-8887